The Belva Wallace Greenage Cancer Foundation's primary goal is to promote the marriage of conventional and holistic therapies to increase quality of life for cancer patients. The Foundation funds holistic therapies for qualified patients and assists patients in identifying the holistic options that will complement their existing treatment plan.

Therapies We Cover

Though many of these therapies are still under evaluation, most have supporters who believe that they have added a positive aspect to their treatment and care, cope better with the physical symptoms and side effects of standard treatment, as well as with the complex and often distressing emotions that cancer can bring.

The goal of complementary medicine is to balance the whole person – physically, mentally, and emotionally – while conventional medicine does its work. For many people diagnosed with cancer, complementary medicine has helped to relieve symptoms, ease treatment side effects and improve quality of life.

The Belva Wallace Greenage Cancer Foundation currently funds acupuncture, exercise, massage and yoga therapies.

Why Holistic Therapies?

The journey with cancer is a long, stressful and strenuous one. The treatment procedure itself may be detrimental to the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of the patient. This is where complementary and integrative therapies have stepped in to offer holistic treatment. Complementary therapies such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, art therapy, counseling, massage, meditation, etc. are therapies which are given alongside conventional cancer treatments. The former, however, does not replace the latter. They play a supportive role and are only used in addition to standard treatments.

Integrative therapies such as acupuncture and massage may be used along with mainstream care to manage symptoms, relieve stress and enhance quality of life for cancer patients. These therapies are effective in helping a patient cope with the spiritual, physical and emotional effects of cancer.